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This program is administered by speech-language pathologists who have received special training and are certified by the institute of Language and Phonology as qualified to teach the Compton P-ESL method. Proof of certification available upon request.

Many employers finance all or part of their employees' tuition for accent reduction classes.They find that this small investment contributes significantly to the success of their employees and the operation of their company

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Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

» 2007 » July

July 26th, 2007 by admin

By Dr. Dorene Lehavi
1) Listen without judgment. The key to good communication is listening well. Save your judging for later after you have heard and understood what was said.
2) Listen with the willingness to be swayed to the other person’s opinion. No obligation to actually being swayed, but stay open to the option.
3) Listen without thinking Read the rest of this entry »

Conversation Starters that Work Like Magic

» 2007 » July

July 24th, 2007 by admin

By Peter Murphy
Starting a conversation is one of the hardest parts of communication. Some conversations begin easily, but others seem as if it hard work just to get them off the ground. Having a good idea of great ways to start a conversation will help you avoid problems the next time you try to begin a conversation.
There are five basic things you must know Read the rest of this entry »

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