After completing the Free Screening your English without Accent speech professional will analyze the recordings and send you an email with examples of some of your pronunciation errors. The next step, if recommended, would be to complete the online English without Accent Speech Evaluation. The results of the speech evaluation will be sent to you in your Personal Phonetic Analysis. A recommendation will be made as to what length course is appropriate for you. A mild accented speaker may need only 7  sessions.  If you have a moderate or heavy accent you will need the 12 Session Course to help you with your English Pronunciation. Additional sessions are also available if needed.

The fees for the 7 to 12 Session Courses are between $840 and $1440 (depending on the number of private video training sessions) and include customized speech exercises and/or accompanying recordings relevant to your individual needs as well as a lifetime subscription to Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) which is an interactive online practice program. These materials will come in handy long after you complete your program when you want to review your new pronunciation skills!


7 to 12 Session Courses
$840 to $1440
Trainer Guided Self-Study

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