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Compton P-ESL

The P-ESL program begins where conventional English as a Second Language (ESL) courses end. All courses are completely customized to your specific accent “habit” patterns and pronunciation proficiency level. At the end of your course, you can expect at least a 50% reduction of your accent.

This program is administered by a speech-language pathologist who has received special training and is certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology as qualified to teach the Compton P-ESL method. Many employers finance all or part of their employees’ tuition for accent reduction classes. They find that this small investment contributes significantly to the success of their employees and the operation of their company

Your Instructor

Lori Edwards, M.S., CCC-SLP, C-PESL, is a Speech-Language Pathologist with 35 years of experience in hospital, medical and academic settings. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Arizona and her Master of Science degree in Clinical Speech Pathology from Northern Arizona University. She is a member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and is certified to teach the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (PESL) course. She has worked with many different accent reduction clients from around the world including Korea, Slovakia, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, France, Nigeria, Germany, Poland, Canada, Indonesia, and Australia.

“I created because I know there are many busy professionals who desire to reduce their accents but either don’t live close to or don’t have the time to meet one-on-one with a qualified accent specialist. provides a way for clients to reach their accent reduction goals with the speed and convenience of the Internet. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to work with people who want to improve their English communication skills.”

Free Screening

Would you like to find out if this program is right for you? Take a few moments to complete this free screening at no obligation. Your speech sample will provide us with enough information to let you know how your English pronunciation differs from that of the general American accent. You will need a microphone and about 10 minutes in a quiet room to complete the screening.

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