The program begins with a Personal Phonetic Analysis of your speech. This is done via the Internet, through our website, using a microphone and an on-line recording device. The recorded information is then analyzed by your English without Accent speech professional who determines exactly how your pronunciation varies from standard American English and identifies specific areas of concentration. Your speech professional then teaches you the appropriate speech modification techniques, as well as the basic sounds and principles of American English. You learn to discriminate between different speech sounds, with special emphasis placed on:

  • Pronunciation
  • Complete word production
  • Voice Projection

As an English Without Accent client you will have access to the Compton P-ESL accent modification practice program during the duration of the course. It’s a unique interactive aid for practicing the modification techniques.

Once a week your speech professional will recommend specific exercises, from the practice program, for you to work independently throughout the week. Verbal examples will be provided in the practice program. Every week you will record your list of words and/or phrases using the on-line audio recorder provided on our website. Your speech professional will assess the results and send a recorded message back to you. This will include suggestions and specific examples where improvement might be needed. You will also meet with your teacher via video conferencing on a weekly basis to review your progress and work on new sounds.

To modify a foreign accent or regional dialect takes hard work and dedication. To achieve the greatest improvement possible, you must practice one hour per day for 7 to 12 weeks. The duration of the program is determined upon initial analysis of your speech patterns. Upon completion of this program, your speech is analyzed again. The results are then compared to the initial analysis so that the extent of your improvement can be determined. Past comparisons have shown that people who practice the recommended exercises, for one hour every day, can expect to experience at least a 50% change in their accent or dialect.

Are you ready for the TOEFL? Pronouncing English is a big part of the TOEFL. The course will help prepare you for this important language proficiency test.